Home Care Lauderhill FL: Staying Healthy means Getting to your Doctor’s Appointments on Time !

Sometimes, you can’t be there for Mom, Dad, or a loved one due to your own family obligations and responsibilities.  At the same time, many seniors don’t want to impose on friends or family to have to take them shopping, to visit the doctor, or to simply run some errands or visit with a friend.  Lack of transportation is one of the most prevalent problems in senior and elder care today.  Without transportation, seniors often feel stranded, or isolated from not only family and friends, but from the community. Home Care Lauderhill FL

Transportation is essential so that you or a loved one can keep your doctor or dental appointments.  Without access to healthcare, conditions can worsen, new issues or problems may go unrecognized and undiagnosed, and prescription medications may not be taken.

Elderly home care agencies provide vital and much needed help with transportation needs.  Such agencies provide licensed and insured staff that is available to take you or a loved one to your doctor or dental appointments, or to your local hospital or outpatient center for vital tests and follow-up appointments.  Don’t put health at risk because of a lack of transportation.

Transportation Provides Numerous Benefits to Home Care Recipients

According to the National Caregivers Library, over 8 million seniors today depend on someone for transportation, and that number is expected to increase in the near future.  Alarming statistics provided by the Administration on Aging state that such lack of transportation may seriously affect the huge number of Baby Boomers (those born between 1936 and 1963) coming into maturity now and in the next ten years.

In most cases, seniors stop driving due to age related changes in conditions, but unfortunately, in most cases, alternative transportation is not available from family or friends.  For the most part, seniors want to be independent and self-sufficient, and don’t want to impose on others for their needs.  Not only that, but it’s often difficult for a senior to always plan around someone else’s schedule.  As a result, many seniors tend to forgo routine doctor or dental appointments, and even hesitate to request help or transportation to visit their primary care providers when they’re sick, when they need prescriptions refilled, or for follow-up appointments.

Elderly home care services can provide transportation as needed by the senior, whether that’s one day a week, or every day.  Transportation is important for not only for keeping doctor and dental appointments, or other health related issues, but for socialization.   Whether senior wants to go to the library, shopping, to a movie, or to the park, home care agencies provide reliable and safe drivers that meet the senior’s needs – when they need it – and not the other way around.

With the wide number of services provided by elder care agencies today, there’s no reason for any senior to feel isolated, stuck, or without options for transportation. Contact your local home health care agency today and arrange for transportation services that you or a loved one can rely on to get to where you want to go.

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