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Home Care Services in Boynton Beach, FLDeath is not optional. It is a reality of life for every single person, and while it may not be something that you relish thinking about in your home care journey with your parents, taking the time to focus on how you will handle this transition can be some of the most important conversations that you have with them. Talking about the end of their lives is not morbid or pessimistic. In reality, bringing up these issues and presenting yourself as an open, caring, and nurturing caregiver is one of the most loving and compassionate things that you can do for your seniors. By confronting this issue and encouraging your parents to express themselves and their opinions regarding it you show them that you love them and want what is best for them, which means following through with the wishes that they have for this very personal transition.

One issue that is likely to come up when you are discussing the end of life transition with your aging parents is hospice. Hospice care can be a truly beneficial approach to an end of life transition that is lingering, or for when a senior decides that he no longer wants to pursue treatment for a condition or illness that is expected to lead to his death within the next year. As with any other decision that you make for your loved ones during the course of your home care journey with them, it is important that you take the time to carefully consider all aspects of hospice care so that together you can decide if this may be the right option for your parents as they go through their transition, whether that is imminent or something that you are simply planning for the future.

Some questions that you may want to ask when considering hospice care for your loved ones include:
• At what point do you want to enter hospice? Consider whether hospice care is something that your parents would only want to if they were suffering from a terminal illness and no longer wanted treatment, or if this is something you should keep in mind if their death is expected soon regardless of the reason.
• What are your feelings on life sustaining methods? The most important thing to consider when talking about hospice care is if this type of care is really what your parents want. Ask them to think about whether they want to be resuscitated, receive care that will artificially prolong life, or continue receiving treatments for illnesses or conditions until their death. If they do want any of these things, hospice care is likely not the appropriate choice for them.
• How much family involvement do you want? Many seniors are resistant to the idea of planning for hospice care because they think that it automatically means their families are no longer going to be involved with their care. Reassure them that you have the option of choosing the hospice care program together, and that the team can work with you and even their in home care provider to maintain as much of their routine as possible while still receiving the support and pain-relieving efforts of hospice.

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