Help! My Elderly Mother Can’t Do Daily Tasks

Are you worried because your elderly mom or dad is struggling with routine tasks around the home and self-care responsibilities? There are numerous reasons why elderly adults are unable to manage some of the daily tasks of living, such as housekeeping, grooming, and medication maintenance. The challenge of trying to manage these tasks quickly becomes overwhelming for many elderly parents, especially if they are living alone. If your aging parent can’t do basic tasks for themselves anymore, you may want to investigate senior care agencies to help.

Senior Care in Coral Springs FL: Help with Activities of Daily Living

Senior Care in Coral Springs FL: Help with Activities of Daily Living

There’s no doubt that aging changes the body and makes it physically and mentally harder to do certain things. Poor eyesight and hearing can affect driving, while arthritis, stiff muscles and medication side effects can affect balance and mobility. Seniors may also suffer from things like chronic illness, surgeries, long-term diseases, and mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

Any elderly person with one or more of these conditions may find it hard to take good care of themselves and their home. Your elderly mom or dad may tell you they need help or they may try to hide it from you because they are nervous or embarrassed about it. It’s up to you to observe carefully and determine what areas of daily living they can’t achieve. Sometimes the problems are few, where the elderly person can do some things for themselves but struggle in other areas. Or the problems could be wide-ranging and affect nearly every aspect of self-care.

Daily tasks that are essential for elderly adults include fixing and eating nutritious meals, bathing, grooming, housekeeping, home maintenance, shopping, going to appointments, and similar errands. Other important issues include medication management, paying bills on time, driving, or caring for a disabled spouse. Inability to do these tasks well can lead to falls, injuries, accidents, and damage to the home. Over the long term, an elderly person’s nutrition and overall health could suffer as well. That’s why many family caregivers hire senior care aides to come in and perform the tasks that are a challenge to their elderly relative.

You can keep your elderly mom or dad safe and healthy when you bring in some outside help. A senior care aide from a reputable agency can make a real difference in an elderly person’s quality of life. Instead of struggling to bathe or shower, seniors can count on expert help whenever they need it. Getting dressed, shaving, styling hair, and more is no longer an obstacle for seniors when a senior care aide can assist. The household chores that elderly adults struggle with most, like cleaning, laundry, cooking, and home maintenance won’t trouble them any more.

The best part about senior care aides is that they let your aging parent do as much as they can on their own so they still maintain some independence and autonomy in their lives. It’s the ideal combination for elderly adults that lack the physical ability or stamina to live on their own. If you have any worries about your aging loved one’s abilities, start looking into senior care today.

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