Four Ways to Celebrate Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Every October it’s time for Eat Better, Eat Together month. This is a time to take stock of how well you and your senior are eating and to make some plans to spend time eating together more often.

Home Care in Delray Beach FL: Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Home Care in Delray Beach FL: Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Choose One Change for Your Senior’s Diet.

When you’re making changes to how you and your senior eat, you shouldn’t go overboard with the changes. Pick one thing to focus on for a week or even for a month. That way it’s not overwhelming and your elderly family member doesn’t feel as if you’re taking something away. You can always make a different change later instead of making all of them at once. Some of the changes you might consider could be eating breakfast by a certain time or adding vegetables to every meal.

Make Plans to Eat One Meal Together.

It’s tough for families to eat together, but it’s important. This can be especially important if your elderly family member doesn’t live with you. You might be busy, but having you there during a meal could be the most interaction your senior has with anyone else all day. Make it a point to sit down and eat together. You might be surprised how refreshing it is for both of you.

Make Healthy Eating Super Easy for Your Senior.

Eating healthier meals can often mean that there’s a lot more effort going into meal preparation, cooking, and cleaning up. You can make that so much easier for your aging adult by cooking for her or by hiring home care providers to cook for her. That way all she has to do is focus on enjoying the new food choices she has and using that energy to do things she loves doing.

Set a New Goal for Healthy Eating Every Month.

To keep up with eating better and eating together all year long, consider sitting down with your senior and choosing some nutritional goals. You might want to try adding one new healthy food a month or make a goal to try a specific number of new recipes each week. The goals can be really tiny or big audacious goals, depending on what you and your senior want to try.

Remember that the changes you make and the goals that you set don’t have to be big. They can be tiny but mighty. If you’re not sure what changes your senior should be making, take the time to talk to her doctor about what would benefit her the most.

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