Four Ways Elderly Care at Home Helps Seniors Stay Independent

Living at home with a chronic illness or loss of mobility doesn’t mean the elderly have to give up independence. Many think home care services will take away their freedom. It’s just the opposite. Home care is meant to help the elderly embrace aging at home without fear or frustration. Here are four ways it helps.

Elderly Care in Stuart FL: Maintaining Independence

Elderly Care in Stuart FL: Maintaining Independence

It Eliminates Loneliness and Isolation.

As vision changes, it can be hard for seniors to drive safely. One common issue is glaucoma. When it’s dark or dusk outside, headlights can lead to glare that makes it hard to drive. When this happens seniors stay in and become housebound.

Caregivers can drive your parents. They don’t have to worry about risking their safety when driving to the movies, seeing friends, or getting to appointments. Caregivers can also take your parents shopping, to senior centers, and on outings to parks and museums. All of this also covers the need for companionship.

It Helps Seniors Avoid Unnecessary Risks.

When an older adult can’t safely carry things up and down stairs, tasks like laundry, vacuuming, and carrying in groceries are hard to manage. Caregivers can carry the heavier items for a client. Your parents still get to do their own laundry if desired, but they have help with the harder part of the chore.

Bathroom Safety Increases.

Bathrooms are common areas for falls. Wet and slippery tiles inside and outside the tub or shower increase the risk of a fall. Grab bars help. It also helps to have a caregiver on hand in case your parent needs help. They may never need it. If they do, the caregiver is right there for balance or help with reaching things from a shower seat.

Medication Reminders and Appointment Scheduling Help Seniors Stay Healthy.

According to the National Health Council, one out of three Americans has more than one chronic condition. Arthritis, dementia, diabetes, and high blood pressure are just a few common health issues. For people with a chronic condition, exercise, diet, and prescription medications are important.

Caregivers can help seniors remember when to take medications. They can encourage seniors to complete their workouts. They can also schedule medical appointments and make sure a senior gets to the office on time to see the doctor on the day of the appointment.

Don’t wait until your parent falls or worsens. Use elderly care services to help your mom or dad remain independent in the home they know well.

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