Five Ways to Reduce Agitation for a Senior with Dementia

People with dementia aren’t able to solve problems the same way that they did before they developed dementia. This can lead to situations in which they’re agitated and upset because they have no way to correct what’s going on. Here’s what you can do.

Senior Care in Port St. Lucie FL: Dementia and Agitation

Senior Care in Port St. Lucie FL: Dementia and Agitation

Check Her Comfort Levels.

If your aging family member is experiencing discomfort on even a minor level, she might become agitated. This is especially true if she’s not able to talk to you about how she’s feeling and what she needs. Some situations that you might want to periodically check could be whether she’s hungry, thirsty, or in need of the bathroom. Room temperature can also be an issue, as well as pain and other physical discomfort.

Watch for Trigger Situations.

Start paying close attention to what happens before your senior becomes agitated. When you notice a particular trigger, you can work to avoid it in the future. Excess noise, too much going on, or simply feeling tired can all be part of those triggering events.

Try to Keep the Overall Environment Calm.

When your elderly family member knows what to expect, that can help her to achieve calm consistently throughout the day. Soft music, gentle lighting, and lowered voices can all help your senior to soak up the calm. If you’re in an environment that you can’t control, such as a doctor’s waiting room, it might help to have items handy that give your senior comfort. If that’s a favorite movie or song that you can play for her through a set of headphones, then make sure you bring that with you.

Simplify Wherever You Can.

The more complicated life is, the more frustrating that can be for everybody. It’s the same for your senior with dementia. Do what you can to simplify routines and tasks for her so that there’s less chance of frustrating her right out of the gate.

Talk to Her Doctor.

If you’re noticing that your elderly family member is dealing with agitation a lot more than usual, there may be an underlying reason. Talk with her doctor about what you can try that can alleviate the situation. It’s possible that there’s a medical condition that your senior can’t tell you about that is creating problems.

Working with senior care providers can help you to establish a soothing environment that works for your senior and for you. They can also help you to stay on top of situations and solutions that help your senior to avoid as much agitation as possible.

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