Five Ways to Help your Mom Through a Cold

The CDC states that the average adult becomes infected with the common cold two or three times each year. As it’s a virus, there’s little that can be done to quickly cure it. If your mom develops a cold, there are things you can do to help her handle the symptoms.

Elderly Care in Port St. Lucie FL: Dealing with a Cold

Elderly Care in Port St. Lucie FL: Dealing with a Cold

Make Sure She Drinks Plenty of Fluids.

Drinking lots of water, herbal tea, juice, and seltzer help with hydration. It also helps keep mucus from becoming thick. Being hydrated helps ease congestion. If she has a sore throat, hot water with lemon and honey may help.

Get a Vaporizer Going in Her Room.

Keep your mom’s nasal passage moistened by running a vaporizer in her room. If there is no vaporizer, a pan of boiling water set nearby will help add steam to the air. If she’s especially congested, drape a towel over her head and the steaming pot and let her breathe in the warm air.

Have Her Take Medications to Ease More Troublesome Symptoms.

If your mom is feeling especially achy or has a headache, pain relievers will help her through those symptoms. A cough suppressant and decongestant also help ease some of the common symptoms of a cold. While it won’t make the cold go away faster, it can make your mom more comfortable.

Make Soups That Are Easy to Eat.

Post-nasal drip can cause quite the sore throat. Your mom may not feel like eating. Make soups that soothe the throat. A bisque, creamy soup, or soup that has few chunks are all ideal. The goal is to make sure your mom is getting some nutrients.

Make Sure She Gets Enough Rest.

It can be hard to sleep when you’re congested, coughing, and dealing with a runny nose. It is important for your mom to sleep, however. If she doesn’t want to be confined to her bedroom, set her up in a comfortable area with everything she needs nearby.

Have your mom lay on a sofa. Provide pillows and blankets. Put remotes nearby and have a tray with drinks and snacks nearby as well. Even if she doesn’t sleep, she’ll be relaxing and avoiding strenuous activity.

When to Call Her Doctor.

If your mom’s cold lasts for more than 10 days or she develops a fever over 100.4 F, call her doctor. It’s possible for a cold to progress to a sinus infection or pneumonia, so you need to be careful not to ignore those symptoms.

While your mom gets the rest she needs, a caregiver can help make sure her household chores are completed. Elder care professionals also help prepare meals and remind your mom when it’s safe to take another dose of cold medicine or a pain reliever.

It’s also beneficial to have someone with your mom in case she has a hard time breathing through the congestion. Call an elder care agency to discuss other services that help when your mom is sick.

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