Elderly Care in Boca Raton FL: Hearing Aid Awareness!

Hearing Aid Awareness Week and Elderly Home Care

Do you know the importance of hearing aids when it comes to elderly health care? Hearing loss afflicts millions of people around the world and it tends to be more common in senior citizens. Our ears are subjected to incredible amounts of noise throughout our life and as damage occurs to the follicles in the inner ear, we begin to lose the ability to hear.

For most people, hearing loss is a gradual act. You don’t wake up one morning and suddenly find that you’re unable to hear. It could begin with having trouble distinguishing the voice of the person who’s talking to you from the background noises. You may have trouble hearing low frequencies. You may find that you wish you had a volume control button to turn everything up just a little bit.

For the elderly individual who may be struggling with his or her hearing, you (as a family caregiver, for example), may notice the changes and problems arising before your loved one. You may notice that he or she asks you to repeat yourself more often. You may see that he or she leans in while having a conversation or has a more intent focus on what you or someone else is saying.

Hearing loss can afflict a person at any time during their life, but hearing aids have become an integral part of elderly health care today. Hearing aids are generally custom fitted and provide a boost in volume to the person who is having trouble hearing. These small units rely on battery power and absorb the sound that enters the ear and then amplifies that sound into the inner ear canal, helping the individual make sense of the sounds around them.

September 15th through the 21st is known this year as Hearing Aid Awareness Week. During this week, you are encouraged to learn more about how hearing aids work, what assistance may be available to afford one for your loved one, and some of the common misconceptions people have about hearing aids.

If you have perfect hearing, it can be difficult to understand the challenges that others face when they begin to lose some part of their ability to hear clearly. However, that doesn’t mean you can understand how to best help them. Hearing Aid Awareness Week is an opportunity to step up and gather more information about hearing aids and hearing loss so that you may provide the best elderly home care to your loved one.