Elder Care Jupiter FL: Talking with a Parent about Driving

For so many years, we depended on our parents to drive us to school, to sporting events, to a friend’s house, or just about anywhere we needed to go until we got our own driver’s license. As our parents age, it will be our turn to return the favor and drive them where they need to go.  This will include taking them to doctor appointments, hair appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands.  As we may be agreeable to transport our parents around town, they might not be as agreeable to give up their driving privileges.  Approaching a talk with our parents can be a touchy subject, and therefore, should be planned and well thought out.Elder Care Jupiter FL

When we first realize that our senior loved one’s driving abilities have deteriorated, we need to have the conversation about giving up driving, sooner rather than later.  You do not want to take the risk of having your loved one injured in an accident or take the chance of them injuring someone else.  And next, you need to realize that taking the keys from a parent is taking a piece of the independence and this could be a struggle for them.  Approaching the conversation in the most positive manner possible is important.

If approaching this conversation as a family, choose the family member that is the best with dealing with sensitive topics or the one that your senior family member best relates to.  Before discussing the topic with a parent, you should have a family meeting with everyone else involved in the decision.  Everyone should be on the same page so there are no differences when the discussion takes place with your senior loved one.

The time that is chosen to have the conversation should be a relaxing time of day for your aging loved one.  You don’t want to do this during a rushed time, during a time of day when you know your senior family member needs rest, and you don’t want to use confrontational language during the conversation.  You want to keep the talk as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

To reiterate the safety of your loved one or others on the street, you might need to gently give examples of driving incidents that brought you to this decision.  The decision to have the conversation about driving might not involve any incidents that have happened on the road, but could be related to changes in your aging family member’s health.  Due to changes in health, it might become risky for your loved one to get behind the wheel.

You have to be able to discuss the alternatives for transportation with your loved one so they don’t feel like they are going to be stranded in their home all of the time.  This is where an agency that provides elder care can come in handy.  They are able to provide transportation to seniors for doctor appointments and other errands.

When approaching the driving conversation in a calm, positive manner, your senior loved one is more likely to be receptive to the idea of not driving.

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