Elder Care in West Palm Beach Florida- Mental Health Increases in Importance as We Get Older

Elder Care – Maintaining Mental Health

Mental health has different responses for the elderly than it does for younger people. The older generation is more likely to develop psychological disorders and then have greater difficulties coping with them. It may be harder for them to identify the triggering factors of their mental complications.

Understanding the situation of the elderly

Taking a look inside the life of an average elderly person may bring some light into why mental health is a concern. Retirement may have been something they looked forward to and yet they also dreaded. It is a huge life change. On one hand it seems so nice to be finished work and not be at that same job day after day and yet when the job is finished, they lose the social network they had at work and they often find themselves wondering what to do next.

There isn’t always the money they thought they’d have to enjoy a comfortable retirement. If finances are an issue – and they usually are – they may find themselves stranded inside their house without much to do. Sometimes the retired person loses the feeling that they are important or that anyone needs him or relies on him. His children are all grown up and live in other cities.

The elderly person is often at home alone. They may feel they have no purpose, are without direction and their sense of self-worth has nosedived. If your elderly loved one is feeling this way, she needs to get some help to avoid going into depression. The pathway to depression is often a very slippery slope. A few footsteps in that direction and then it’s hard to get back out of it.

Avoid the loneliness of being alone

Your senior loved one can’t spend all their time alone; it just isn’t healthy. He needs to get out and be involved socially with other people, and do activities outside the home when possible.

Even though her body may be deteriorating and she can’t do all the things she used to, there are still plenty of activities to choose from. How about a swimming class? Joining a craft club? Becoming part of an active reading club? There are probably lots of senior citizen activities available through local senior centers that he or she can go to.

How can elderly home care help?

A home care provider can help your elderly loved one get out to activities more often by giving her a ride and encouragement to go. The caregiver can also encourage your senior to pick up old hobbies he used to enjoy and get together with friends more often. The caregiver also provides much needed companionship. All of these things contribute to a healthy mental state.

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