Elder Care Boynton Beach FL – Tips for Caring for your Aging Dad

It can be the highest calling in your lifetime to care for your aging father.  With that calling though, it can also take away from your time, opportunities and finances.  Sadly in some cases of caregiving, the sacrifices involved on the part of the adult child can create tension or bitterness between them and their dad.  This isn’t healthy either for you or your parent. As the years go by, organizations are finding the number of healthy elderly Americans is growing, and the number of adult children taking care of their parents has also greatly increased.Elder Care Boynton Beach FL

Here are some of the things you should consider when caregiving:

  1. Make a budget for caregiving.  Learn about local home care for elderly persons and what costs you’ll be willing to pay for either through his savings or your income.
  2. Think it over carefully before you simply quit your job to do caregiving.  Would you ruin your future career?  Will the money losses be worth the extra time?  Also think about hiring a full time caregiver so that you can keep your job, and maybe just lower the number of days you work.
  3. What about other benefits related to your job?  Is quitting to do caregiving worth losing your health and life insurances or other policies?  Talk to your boss about family leave, and other options.
  4. Does your dad want to stay at home?  Think about what modifications might need to be made such as installing grab bars in the bathroom, getting carpeted stairs, etc. and possibly wheelchair ramps if your father has lost mobility.
  5. Talk to your dad.  What does he think about all this?  Does he want to stay at home, or move in with you, or more to a smaller apartment?  Ask him about what he can’t do for himself anymore, such as bathing or cooking.  Would he want a caregiver with elderly home care to drive him to go grocery shopping, or take him to church or to see grandchildren?
  6. Don’t forget about your own retirement.  How’s your plan working out so far? Decide whether you’ll be able to support yourself later in life, and how this might be affected by your caregiving.
  7. If you already have a caregiver for your elderly dad or are considering hiring one, ask them about the implications of things like job loss, home modifications, and any other questions you might have.  They are trained professionals for situations exactly like yours.

Remember to love your dad and support him, no matter how things turn out.  You might end up trying something and it either works out or it doesn’t, but you can move on and try something else.  Be sure to include your dad and always involve his opinion.

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