Effective Solutions for Alzheimer’s Biggest Challenges

When your mom or dad is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, challenges occur with even the simplest tasks. Things you never expected to be challenging present amazing hurdles. Here are some of the challenges you’ll face.

Senior Care in Boca Raton FL: Solutions for Alzheimer's Biggest Challenges

Senior Care in Boca Raton FL: Solutions for Alzheimer’s Biggest Challenges


A haircut can be a traumatic event for someone with Alzheimer’s. Fear of a new person blends with fear of the entire process. You might find your mom or dad pushing off getting a haircut for months or even years. You try to take them, but they panic and refuse to leave your car.

The easiest way to get a haircut is by bringing a stylist to your mom or dad. Some stylists are happy to do house calls. You might find your parent doesn’t want a stranger in the family home. That’s okay. Arrange to meet at your house or a friend’s house where your parent feels comfortable.

Talk to the stylist beforehand and explain the fears and need to go slow. Having pictures of what your mom or dad wants for a cut can help ease uncertainty on your parent’s end.

If this fails, you might be able to do a simple cut at home. You may not be able to add layers, but you’ll at least have the hair trimmed to a manageable length.


Many Alzheimer’s patients struggle with crowds and noise. This makes shopping difficult. Shopping online is a good solution, but it’s not always feasible. If your mom needs shoes or clothing, you may want her to try things on.

Head out to stores at times when your mom is most focused. It might be an hour after she eats breakfast. She might prefer to go shopping in the evening when stores are empty.

Meals Out.

As is true with shopping, crowded, noisy restaurants will challenge your mom or dad. If your dad wants to flee a busy restaurant, aim for an early dinner when the restaurant is quieter. You may want to call the restaurant in advance and see if they have a quiet room that’s not being used or an area that’s separated a little more than the rest of the dining room.

One thing is true of Alzheimer’s. It’s an exhausting disease when you’re a family caregiver. Mood swings, outbursts, and struggles with memory frustrate everyone, and you can’t let that frustration show. You need a break from time to time.

Be sure you talk to a senior care agency about the benefits of caregiving. With caregivers, you can take a break when needed and refresh your mindset. Look into caregiver coverage while you take a break. It’s what you need to keep a positive tone when caring for your mom or dad. Call a senior care agency now to learn more.

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