Do You Know About National Library Lovers Month?

National Library Lovers Month is held every February and it’s a time for family caregivers and their aging parents to check out all that this public space has to offer. Too often, elderly adults and their family members discount the library as a place for children, or simply a storage space for dusty old books. In fact, public libraries have evolved greatly, using all kinds of technology to inform, entertain, and educate. National Library Lovers Month is the ideal time to make a visit and see all the senior-friendly options that exist there.

Home Care in West Palm Beach FL: National Library Lovers Month

Home Care in West Palm Beach FL: National Library Lovers Month

Libraries Love the Elderly.

In recent years, library organizations have worked hard to address the needs of every age group in the community, including elderly adults. It can be hard for elderly adults who are often homebound or limited in what they can do to get out into the community much. The public library is a centralized place where all kinds of things are going on. Knowing how important a public library is to the community, they have done a lot to accommodate seniors.

Some of the general improvements that libraries have made include assistive technology for those with poor vision or hearing, tutorials on how to use the computers and other technology, outreach services, and age-specific events and gatherings. Family caregivers and home care providers can make plans for an outing to the library that is sure to be filled with fun and information.

Examples of Library Resources for Seniors.

Family caregivers and home care providers should contact the library to get a comprehensive list of senior services and community resources in general, so they know what is available. Of course, libraries carry traditional books, but they also check out ebooks, audiobooks, DVDs, and CDs. Most libraries offer a range of community classes in topics like art, music, or computers.

Libraries are also acting as community centers in many ways, hosting a number of events, celebrations, and activities. Common things include book clubs, civic meetings, public speakers, holiday gatherings, musical performances, and multi-generational activities like game nights. The library staff focuses on simple, effective, and interesting things that will most appeal to seniors.

Helping Seniors Attend Library Events.

It doesn’t have to be National Library Lovers Month for aging adults to spend time at the library. However, if the aging adult has medical issues that limit mobility and cannot get there on their own or via public transportation, they need to rely on family caregivers and home care providers to transport them there. While at the library, seniors can browse through books and magazines, attend an event or two and check out multiple items to take home.

It’s a low-stress environment that is friendly to seniors who are less mobile and even accommodates walkers and wheelchairs. Of all the places in the community that elderly adults with mobility issues can go, the library is a welcoming and inclusive place where seniors will feel comfortable and challenged at the same time.

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