Could Your Dad’s Driving be Improved by Making a Few Simple Changes?

Arthritis, back pain, and neck pain can keep a senior from driving. The senior’s reaction times, vision, and judgment skills may still sharp, however, and suitable for being a safe driver. Some seniors should look at simple changes that make it safe to drive.

Caregiver in Stuart FL: Changes to Improve Driving

Caregiver in Stuart FL: Changes to Improve Driving

Could your dad still be driving? Here are some of the simple changes that are recommended for elderly drivers who can drive but struggle with a few minor issues.

Blind Spot Mirrors.

A secondary convex mirror that attaches to the top of a side view mirror is great at targeting blind spots. If your dad struggles to turn his head far enough to really check blind spots, these small mirrors solve the problem. The side view mirror catches normal traffic, but the blind spot mirror zeros in on the area that the other mirror misses.

It’s also worth getting a blind spot eliminator for the rear-view mirror. This additional mirror slips over the other one to allow the driver to see the traffic directly behind the car and traffic that’s coming up from behind in a side lane.

Devices for Getting In and Out of the Car.

Hip or back pain makes it hard for your dad to get in and out of the car. A swivel seat helps him move into the car and also swivel to get out of it. Pair this with a disembarkment handle. With a disembarkment handle, your dad has a portable handle that attaches to the frame and offers support as he stands up or sits down.

Seatbelt Safety.

Does your dad struggle to get his seatbelt on? Attaching a pull strap to the seatbelt makes it easier to grab and pull the belt across the body. Stores like Home Depot and Amazon sell Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher tools.

Arthritis makes it hard to unfasten a seatbelt. If your dad can’t push the button easily, devices like the BuckleBopper help. Your dad has a push tool that he holds comfortably in his hand and uses it to push the button.

When your dad’s driving is impacted by changing vision or dementia, it is important to take away the keys. In this case, caregivers are a tremendous help. Caregivers can take over transportation duties and get your dad to appointments and local businesses. He doesn’t have to drive, but he doesn’t have to give up his usual social activities either.

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