What Is it that Makes Driving More Difficult for Seniors?

Your senior may not want to admit it, but driving now is more difficult than it was for her a decade or two ago. There are a lot of reasons for that and they all impact whether she'll be able to continue to drive on her own. Reflexes Slow Down, which Increases Reaction Time. Your senior's reflexes just aren't as fast as they used to be. She may want them to be at the same level as they … [Read more...]

Could Your Dad’s Driving be Improved by Making a Few Simple Changes?

Arthritis, back pain, and neck pain can keep a senior from driving. The senior's reaction times, vision, and judgment skills may still sharp, however, and suitable for being a safe driver. Some seniors should look at simple changes that make it safe to drive. Could your dad still be driving? Here are some of the simple changes that are recommended for elderly drivers who can drive but … [Read more...]

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