Five Ways to Reduce Agitation for a Senior with Dementia

People with dementia aren't able to solve problems the same way that they did before they developed dementia. This can lead to situations in which they're agitated and upset because they have no way to correct what's going on. Here's what you can do. Check Her Comfort Levels. If your aging family member is experiencing discomfort on even a minor level, she might become agitated. This is … [Read more...]

Caring for a Parent with Incontinence

There are several commonly asked questions that are often on the minds of those who care for a parent with incontinence. This can be one of the more difficult caregiving tasks. Your parent may be uncomfortable with the role reversal that is evident by this act and you may feel uncomfortable helping them in this area. If it is too difficult for either of you, consider obtaining the services of a … [Read more...]

What Can Your Elderly Loved One Do to Stay Safer at Home as a Smoker?

Senior Care in Port St. Lucie FL Smoking can be a touchy topic between you and your elderly loved one. You may want her to quit completely, but you may have to face reality if she's been a smoker for a long time. Sometimes all you can do is help her to be safer while she smokes. Make Sure She Has Plenty of Ashtrays and Fire Extinguishers Large ashtrays allow your loved one to have someplace … [Read more...]

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