Do You Know About National Library Lovers Month?

National Library Lovers Month is held every February and it’s a time for family caregivers and their aging parents to check out all that this public space has to offer. Too often, elderly adults and their family members discount the library as a place for children, or simply a storage space for dusty old books. In fact, public libraries have evolved greatly, using all kinds of technology to … [Read more...]

Can Home Care Help a Senior with Mobility Issues Feel More Confident?

Mobility issues are very common among elderly adults, but this does not mean that they do not impact your loved one and their quality of life. In fact, facing mobility issues can lead to not only physical dangers and hazards that threaten their health and safety, but also their mental and emotional health. Especially if they have already suffered a fall or other accident related to their mobility … [Read more...]

How Busy Caregivers can Make Time for Themselves

Home Care in West Palm Beach FL When your day constantly consists of chores and tasks to make the life of an elderly parent easier, it may seem impossible to make time for yourself. Yet, spending time doing the things you enjoy or taking care of your health is exactly what needs to happen in order to make sure the senior gets the best possible care. Caring for a loved one can be a truly … [Read more...]

Home Care Tips: Encouraging Seniors with Alzheimer’s to Participate in Meaningful Conversations

Home Care in West Palm Beach FL Caring for seniors with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia is a process that can be challenging and emotional, but it can also be meaningful, rewarding, and a wonderful way for you to show your love, consideration, and appreciation for your aging loved ones. During this progressive journey you will have to learn to adapt and modify your care efforts as … [Read more...]