How Elderly Adults Overcome Barriers to Exercise

Too many elderly adults feel that their physical limitations due to age-related health conditions are a barrier to getting regular exercise. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Even seniors in wheelchairs or with significant physical challenges can reap the benefits of a regular exercise plan. Family caregivers can play a significant role in helping their aging relatives overcome … [Read more...]

It’s Never Too Late to Embrace Healthy Aging Practices

Don’t believe the myth that it’s too late for elderly adults to embrace healthy aging practices. In fact, there’s no better time for seniors to focus on their health and wellness. Because September is Healthy Aging Month, many medical experts and senior organizations are promoting awareness on ways for elderly Americans to improve their health. Seniors who struggle with physical or mental … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Help Seniors Get More Physical Activity

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that adults who are aged 65 or older need 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. For people who don’t enjoy structured exercise, being physically active can be unappealing and difficult. The good news is that physical activity doesn’t have to come from working out at the gym or even taking an exercise class. Any kind of … [Read more...]

Is Your Aging Adult Looking for a Way to Feel Better Every Day?

As your elderly family member ages, she might start to believe that it's just normal for her to feel tired, blue, or simply blah every day. But there are things she can do to get that spark going again. Ditch the Stress. Stress can affect people so much more deeply than they think. The thing is, stress does the same thing to your elderly family member as well. If she doesn't find ways to … [Read more...]

Why Do So Many Doctors Recommend Swimming for the Elderly?

Your senior's doctor may have recommended that she start exercising. In fact, one of the activities he might have mentioned could very well be swimming. It's a popular activity for aging adults and there are plenty of good reasons for that. It's Easy on Damaged Joints. Few exercises are as low impact as swimming is. The phrase "low impact" refers to the fact that there's no jostling or … [Read more...]

Help! My Elderly Mother Can’t Do Daily Tasks

Are you worried because your elderly mom or dad is struggling with routine tasks around the home and self-care responsibilities? There are numerous reasons why elderly adults are unable to manage some of the daily tasks of living, such as housekeeping, grooming, and medication maintenance. The challenge of trying to manage these tasks quickly becomes overwhelming for many elderly parents, … [Read more...]

Is It Ever too Early to Think About Your Mom’s Ability to Age at Home?

Your mom is perfectly fine at home alone. She walks her dog. She keeps her home clean. She cooks her meals. She even drives. That's great. The thing is that it can change at any time. One family found out the hard way. Their dad went for a routine check-up and was given a great report from his doctor. His cholesterol levels were right on target, his blood pressure was perfect. His pulse was … [Read more...]

Make Sure Your Dad’s Getting in His 2,000 Steps Each Day

In BioMed Central's “How Many Steps/Day Are Enough? For Older Adults and Special Populations,” the authors look into the target numbers for seniors. After studying numerous reports, they summarized that healthy older adults should get at least 2,000 steps in every day. The more walking the seniors in the studies did, the better their overall health. You want your dad's mobility and balance … [Read more...]