Benefits of Fitness Trackers for Seniors


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The latest trend in wearable technology is a variety of wrist-worn devices that can track not only steps taken but, in some cases, sleep and/or heart rate and some interact easily with weight Senior-Care-Fort-Lauderdale-FLmanagement tools. For a senior in elder care, gaining the benefits of these trackers can be a wonderful way to gain some insight into what is going well for them and where they can make some easy improvements.

These trackers are essentially glorified pedometers. One thing to note for those who use walkers or assistive devices to move around is that if worn on the wrist they will generally only measure steps taken while the arms are swinging. So if your senior is depending on using a walker, or is pushing a shopping cart, those steps will not be measured if the tracker is left on the wrist. Most of them can be removed fairly easily and stuck in a pocket to avoid this problem.

Some trackers also require that the user let it know (by pushing a button or a series of buttons) what they are doing if they are going to sleep, starting or stopping exercise, or waking up. This allows the tracker to register that information differently. Other trackers have the ability to learn these behaviors and “guess” what the user was doing.

Another thing to note before discussing individual brands is that there are now a host of options available in fitness trackers. There are fitness trackers in literally almost every price point and ranging from the broadest possible list of options including serving as a smartphone down to the most basic.

Two of the bigger names in fitness trackers right now:


1.     Fitbit. The fitbit product line goes all the way from what is essentially a small pedometer (the fitbit Zip, which only counts steps) to a smartphone tracker that registers incoming calls and monitors heartrate and steps as well as sleep (the fitbit Surge). There are a host of options in-between as well. Fitbit also makes a compatible scale that uploads directly to the app that also tracks your senior’s activity information.


2.     Jawbone. The Jawbone UP product line also ranges from the simplest product (the UP move which tracks sleep and steps) to the UP4 which tracks sleep, steps, heart rate, and even serves as a credit card payment system for American Express. While Jawbone does not have its own scale, it does have its own application which ties in with weight management tools like


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