Are There Assistive Devices for Aging Adults Who Have Trouble Seeing Well?

Elder Care in Stuart FL: Assistive Devices for Seniors with Vision Problems

Elder Care in Stuart FL: Assistive Devices for Seniors with Vision Problems

When your elderly family member starts to have trouble seeing well, you might wonder if there are any tools or devices that can help. New devices for vision-impaired seniors are developed all the time, so be sure to keep experimenting to find the right fit for your loved one.

Flashlights and Task Lights.

Many times lighting is one of the best tools your elderly family member can have in order to see better. It’s not always easy to increase lighting in any given situation, however. One way around that is to have pocket flashlights that you can keep on hand for your aging adult. Some are even small enough that they can easily attach to a lanyard or fit in a pocket.

Magnifying Tools.

Magnifying glasses, bars, and other tools help to make items bigger for your senior to see more easily. They used to be large devices, but they’re being made much smaller and lighter to make them ever more portable. Another option is to install an app on your elderly family member’s smart phone that has magnifying functions.

Audiobooks and Products that Read to Your Aging Adult.

Having poor vision often means that your elderly family member gives up some of her favorite hobbies, such as reading. While magnifiers can help, sometimes they’re not enough. This is where audiobooks can come in handy. But there are other tools that can help your aging adult, too. Clocks that speak the time are just one of many devices that can give your senior audible information.

Telephones with Voice Functions.

Telephones used to be fairly easy to operate, even for people with limited vision. But today’s telephones are sleeker devices, often without distinguishable buttons or controls. This is why you might want to consider a telephone with voice functions for your elderly family member. They’re much easier to operate and can allow her to feel connected to the world around her more reliably.

If you’re still trying to find the right combination of assistive devices for your aging adult, consider asking elder care providers to help. They have plenty of experience helping aging adults with issues they encounter every day.

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