ALS and Home Care Services: Making a World of Difference for the Senior in Your Life

Home Care Services in Coral Springs, FL

For somebody who has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), daily life can be a challenge. During the Home Care Coral Springs FLearly stages of the disease, the signs and symptoms may be relatively minor, but they can progress relatively quickly. While family members may be more than willing to help out and provide the type of care the elderly individual requires, home care services should be considered as early as possible.

Some of the earliest symptoms of ALS could include muscle weakness, minor tremors, and cramping in the muscles. Eventually, though, as the muscles continue to weaken, the individual will begin to experience difficulty swallowing, become overly fatigued on a regular basis, and it may become difficult to speak clearly. Their speech patterns may become slurred and impaired. The disease usually leads to paralysis at some point in time.

The Role of Family

Many family members believe it is their responsibility to help their loved ones during certain challenges, including ALS. Even though their intentions are noble, without the right amount of time and energy to devote to proper care as well as experience, they could actually be doing their loved one a little bit more harm than they might expect.  Relying on professional home care services can allow the individual with this particular disease to get a higher level of care on a regular basis.  It also provides the opportunity for family members to focus on giving emotional support.

As ALS progresses, the individual will begin to lose the ability to take care of his or her own daily life. This will include more challenges with eating, getting dressed, writing, going for a walk, speaking, getting enough rest at night, swallowing, and much more. Spouses often take on the role of a caregiver right away.  However, within a couple of years after the diagnosis, it becomes clear that they are ill equipped to deal with the situation, especially if they are working full time to support the family.

Hiring an experienced caregiver is essential. It may also require a visiting nurse, physical therapist, and other home healthcare services, depending on the individual and the specific symptoms or challenges they’re facing as a result of this disease. Anybody who is diagnosed with ALS should seriously consider home care services.

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