Activity Ideas for Bored Seniors

When your aging loved one only has you and their home care provider to keep them company, it’s no wonder they get a little bored. It can be difficult for them to accomplish daily tasks on their own, from getting dressed to preparing meals, due to health issues that limit their strength and stamina. This usually means that participating in fun activities or attending community events is beyond their abilities without help from family caregivers and home care providers.


It’s important to keep aging adults active and busy, both physically and mentally. Even the frailest senior can participate in things to do at home and in the community. If aging adults grow too bored, it can lead to more serious mental health issues including low self-esteem, isolation, loneliness, anxiety and depression. Hiring a home care provider as an assistant and a companion is a good start but there should be some time spent on putting together activities that your aging parent might enjoy.


If you want to boost your elderly parent’s activity levels, check out this list of ideas.

Caregiver West Palm Beach, FL Bored Seniors

Caregiver West Palm Beach, FL Bored Seniors

• Listen to audiobooks and podcasts
• Take an online class
• Plant a container garden
• Create a backyard bird watching station
• Plan a game night with family or friends
• Crossword puzzles
• Volunteer somewhere in the community
• Adopt a pet
• Yoga or tai chi
• Exercise DVD
• Listen to music
• Learn to play a musical instrument
• Write in a journal
• Create memoirs to share with family
• Play video games
• Learn a craft, like woodworking or scrapbooking
• Join a letter-writing campaign
• Research new recipes to try


These are just a few suggestions for you to spark interest in your elderly parent. Without ideas, there would never be the buildup of excitement within seniors to get out and do something with all their time. It can be difficult for aging adults to come to terms with their physical limitations. Add to that all the changes that they face—retirement, failing health, loss of spouse and friends, and more. It can make aging adults overstressed, anxious and depressed when they aren’t being stimulated mentally and physically.


When you hire a home care provider, you are giving your aging loved one a chance at companionship and a more robust social life. Home care providers can also take care of the aging adults do a range of tasks to make their independent living as vibrant as possible. Not only are home care providers excellent companions for aging adults, they will also help in areas where the senior needs it most. Family caregivers like you are doing the right thing in wanting your aging relative to have things to look forward to. It makes sense to create a list of activities that will bring that joy every week.


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