5 Toenail Care Tips for Family Caregivers

You are doing a wonderful job providing elderly care for your aging parent and providing for their needs from their head down to their toes. But how much do you really know about toenail care for elderly people? Just like other parts of the body, the toenails change with age, requiring you to take some time with your loved one’s feet. With this handy toenail tip list, family caregivers like you can give your elderly relative the healthiest feet around.

Elderly Care in West Palm Beach FL: Foot Care for Seniors

Elderly Care in West Palm Beach FL: Foot Care for Seniors

1. Keep Feet Clean and Dry.

It’s no surprise that dirty and sweaty feet are home to bacteria and fungus that can cause all kinds of health problems. Wash their feet at least once per week, while they bathe or shower. You can also wash their feet in a foot basin with mild soap. When finished, pat the feet dry with a soft towel. Make sure to dry between the toes.

2. Trim Toenails Regularly.

Toenails can thicken or thin with age, so check out what kind of toenails you’ll be dealing with. Thicker toenails may need special cutting tools that have longer handles and are capable of giving smooth, clean cuts through thick nail. Always cut the nail straight across, never curved. This will reduce the risk of ingrown toenails.

3. Moisturize, But Not Too Much.

Dry skin is common in seniors because their skin doesn’t retain moisture like it once did. Make sure to apply a good quality moisturizer to the tops and bottoms of the feet, and around the nails. However, don’t leave lotion in between the toes, because that can encourage bacterial and fungal growth. Make sure that seniors change their socks daily to keep feet dry. For particularly sweaty feet, consider using a foot powder.

4. Inspect the Feet.

Seniors can develop a number of foot problems, but may not even notice it. Examining their feet once per week is a good way to spot problems early. Bunions, bone spurs, warts, corns, infections, sores, and more are all easily treated when spotted early.

5. Enhance Circulation.

Elderly people often have difficulty with circulation to the feet, so family caregivers can help. Consider giving a quick foot massage to get blood to the feet. Have your elderly loved one put their feet up when they rest, such as in a recliner or on a footstool. Watch for shoes that are too tight or poorly fitting. Watch for swelling, tingling and persistent coldness.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, such as discoloration, redness, swelling, or sores, you need to make an appointment with your loved one’s doctor. While some of these symptoms may not be a big deal, they could also indicate some serious issues with the aging person’s feet. It’s never too late to start a regular foot care regimen with your aging relative as part of an overall elderly care plan. Remember, healthy feet mean a healthier and more active senior citizen.

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