5 Simple Ways to Help Seniors Get More Physical Activity

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that adults who are aged 65 or older need 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. For people who don’t enjoy structured exercise, being physically active can be unappealing and difficult. The good news is that physical activity doesn’t have to come from working out at the gym or even taking an exercise class. Any kind of physical activity counts and it doesn’t have to be done in large blocks of time, either. If you’re looking for ways to help your senior parent be more active, here are five ideas.

Home Care in Jupiter FL: Helping Seniors Stay Active

Home Care in Jupiter FL: Helping Seniors Stay Active

1. Stroll the Shopping Mall.

If your mom resists going for a walk when it’s exercise, but loves to shop, try taking her to the mall and strolling the halls where she can window shop. Walking through stores is still walking, but it may not feel like exercise to her if she’s distracted by the people around her and the items in the store windows. A home care provider can take your mom to the mall and walk with her. The home care provider can gradually increase the pace of the walk as your mom is able so that it gets your mom’s heart pumping a bit.

2. Park Far from Buildings.

Ask your parent’s home care provider to park farther away from the building when they take your parent grocery shopping, to the library, or to a medical appointment. That way your parent will have to walk more to get to the building, getting some extra steps in.

3. Make Physical Activity a Game.

Try getting your parent a pedometer to count their steps each day. Set small goals to work up to a larger, overall goal. A home care provider can help them track their progress by writing down their steps at the end of the day. They can also remind them to put on their pedometer first thing in the morning. To make the “game” even more fun for them, join in and make it a competition. That way, you’ll get health benefits, too!

4. Start a Physical Hobby.

Encourage your parent to take up a physical hobby. They could start gardening, golfing, dancing, or any other activity that gets them moving. A home care provider can drive them to a dance class, help them work in the garden, or take them to the golf course to golf with friends.

5. Get a Dog.

A dog can help your parent remain more active. A dog needs exercise, which can mean going for walks. A home care provider can walk with your parent and the dog to make sure your parent stays safe. A dog can even help a person who is confined to a wheelchair to be more active. A wheelchair-bound senior can throw a ball for a dog. A home care provider can assist with the activity by handing the ball back to the senior to throw again. A home care provider can also help with the dog’s care by feeding it and taking it outside to do its business if the senior cannot.

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