3 Ways Arthritis Can Impact a Senior’s Life and How Proper Care Matters

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Arthritis can affect people in many different ways. One of the most significant is that it can cause somebody to give up doing something they enjoy. For example, if arthritis affects a person’s fingers, the
Senior Care in Fort Lauderdale FLjoints in their fingers, and they happened to use a computer on a regular basis, it can become extremely painful and difficult to type.

Seniors who enjoy staying active, playing golf, for example, or doing other things that require them to walk or even jog around, arthritis that affects their ankle or knees can be almost debilitating to some degree.

Getting proper care for seniors who have arthritis is one way to help them increase the quality of life and also deal with some of the seemingly debilitating symptoms of arthritis. May is Arthritis Awareness Month and below are three ways that arthritis can affect the senior, their life overall, and how proper care can make a world of difference.

Stopping them from the activities they enjoy.

One of the most significant impacts that arthritis can have is to cause people to give up doing something they truly enjoy. They may work through the discomfort and pain early on, but eventually if the symptoms continue to grow more severe and the inflammation is debilitating, it can cause them to stop doing those activities altogether.

There may very well be exercises and activities that can help alleviate some of the swelling and inflammation, thus reducing the pain. They may also be able to do those things with the proper level of support. A professional, experienced senior care service provider may very well be that individual who can support them the right way.

Taking prescription medications.

When arthritis symptoms are severe, the doctor may recommend certain prescription medications to help alleviate the pain or inflammation. There are numerous potential side effects with just about any medication and that can make it difficult to maintain a high quality of life.

At the same time, people who have been avoiding taking certain medications out of fear of those side effects could be missing out on an opportunity to continue living life to the fullest. An

Affecting sleep.

Severe arthritis can impact sleep patterns, making it difficult for elderly individuals to relax, unwind, and fall asleep and even stay asleep throughout the night. The pain and discomfort can wake them up several times during the night and that can affect their next day. Cutting out caffeine, relying on soothing, meditative techniques, and getting comfort by knowing there is somebody there to support them (in the form of a professional caregiver) could help alleviate some of those problems that affect sleep, thus improving the quality of their next day and their life overall.

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